Game changing ideas, data driven design - Lindar is a tech company made up of tinkerers and thinkers. We work smart, using analysis and technology to build customer-centric products.

Disruptive and different, we're proud to stand out from the crowd. Through our award winning products to our cutting edge software - we love to make noise.

We're a team of 70+ people spanning the globe. Together, we bring our ideas to life and let the magic spark. We have a vision - and you can be part of it too.


MrQ - A no nonsense casino made by realists, for realists

"Let's make something better", four simple words that spurned us to build MrQ - our award winning online casino. Blending data, tech and compelling design, MrQ sums up what Lindar is all about.


PQ - Delivering the next generation of real time data aggregation

Insights and execution. Analysis and action. It all starts with robust data. PQ is more than just a data aggregation platform - it's the beating heart behind everything we do.


Spark - Owning the customer experience at the most granular level

Spark is our one way window into our customers world; this powerful tool allows us to interface directly with our users, delighting them with new experiences in a single click.


Flicker - A powerful CMS that turns ideas into dynamic user content

Flicker is a modular CMS based on the Strapi platform. Using component driven design, it allows us to turn big ideas into actionable dynamic content - whether it be a simple landing page, an SEO content piece or a brand new offer.



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Finance Assistant


Customer Experience Executive

Customer Experience

CRO Manager

Gaming Operations

Senior FrontEnd Developer


Safer Gambling Executive

Compliance Operations

Ambitious ideas, smart solutions - tech & design are central to the culture

At Lindar, we thrive on creativity and problem solving. That's why we have nurtured a "work smart, play hard" culture. Everyone has a voice - and ideas are always welcome. Check out some of our tech and design projects.

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