Senior Frontend Games Developer

Remote: St Albans|hybrid

Mr Who?

MrQ - we're an awesome, award winning online casino launched in 2018. We're big on tech, big on performance and most of all - big on fun. Over the years, we have experienced explosive growth - which means we need more rock stars to join our quest for total world domination.

You're not just any developer; you're a wizard in the realm of game development, ready to bring enchanting game features to life in our frontend game realm. With your magic wand (aka your proactive attitude and self-organising skills), you confidently navigate through the lands of planning and design, bringing joy and excitement to gamers around the world.

What You Will Do

  • Bring to life the heart of our games, including animations, user interactions, sound effects, and special effects.
  • Forge and maintain the tools and libraries that power our creations, from the ground up and during the heat of battle.
  • Collaborate with fellow wizards (artists and designers) to ensure our visions align perfectly with the prophecy (aka specifications).
  • Participate in the grand councils of game design and planning.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of our magical practices, including CI/CD.
  • Transform raw materials (game assets) into powerful components of our game projects.

What We're Looking For

  • WebGL-based libraries (PixiJS, Spine, Phaser.JS)
  • Mathematics/physics
  • Object-oriented JS/TS
  • Software design patterns
  • Particle systems
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • HTML5 Audio/HowlerJS
  • Rendering pipelines
  • QA testing and bug-fixing on mobile devices
  • CI/CD processes
  • NodeJS
  • JIRA
  • GIT

What We Offer

At MrQ, we take pride in providing an array of fantastic benefits to our valued team members. Enjoy a competitive salary package that recognizes your hard work and dedication. Need some extra time off? We've got you covered with additional leave days, and we believe in celebrating life's special moments, including your birthday, with dedicated birthday leave. Family matters to us, too, which is why we offer a generous four-week parental leave. Your well-being is our priority, supported by international health and life insurance. Stay motivated with wellness incentives and seize opportunities for personal and professional growth with our growth allowance. Embrace a flexible working environment that caters to your needs, and join our friendly and multinational team, where collaboration and camaraderie flourish. At MrQ, we're committed to ensuring that your experience with us goes beyond just a job – it's a fulfilling journey with a supportive community.

We are committed to fostering a workplace that values and celebrates diversity. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experiences, and we believe that a diverse and inclusive environment leads to innovation and success. We actively promote equal opportunities for all employees and strive to create a space where everyone's voices are heard and respected. Join us in our journey to build a truly inclusive workplace where every person can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

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